We've been involved in the Foam Insulation Industry since 1991, when we started our own insulation company. Back then there were very few foam installers, so there was little support and no networking.

As we became more familiar with insulation, its affect on both the buildings it was installed in and the people occupying them; it became apparent we needed to better understand many more aspects of this industry than just pulling a trigger and watching foam grow.

We began taking every training class we could get into, including; blower door testing, mold remediation, proper ventilation, air sealing and it's affect on air quality and more.

We learned the value of removing old insulation, repairing leaky systems and performance based Installations.

Because there was little support; those of us that refused to give up, had to find or "make" tools that made our work easier and more efficient. After a lot of crude attempts and a couple of trips to the med Station, we came up with a few tool designs that really made sense.

Over the next few years, because of the incredible effectiveness, foam started gaining more and more popularity. Because of this, urethane blending companies began formulating their own brands of insulating foam. The more success these companies had, the more they looked for companies like ours to help them train others to install their products.

In 2004 we started using some of these foam blends, and as we got to know these companies, we were asked if we would train others to install their products. For the next few years two of us traveled around the country teaching new contractors, not only how to spray foam, but how to assess, sell, set up the job site, spray it and clean it up.

When we traveled, we would take the tools we made for cutting and cleaning. Without fail, we were always asked to leave them behind. Because our tools were always a big hit with the contractors we worked with, we created The Insulation Station and began marketing tools on the web.

We've grown a lot since then. We've created more "Tools of the Trade" and added many other tools and supplies that we feel add efficiency and safety to the work place.

As we continue to grow, we will always hold our customers at the forefront of our efforts.